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1. Where's the Quest?

Xtreme Quest currently hides in North King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Island counties.  We won't tell you where an upcoming quest will be because deciphering your starting point is part of the quest.

2. Be Respectful of your surroundings

Walking sticks should NEVER be used to beat vegetation or stab at the ground.  Read our guide on our Facebook group for more info.

Pack it in, pack it out.  DON'T LITTER.

3. Respect your fellow questers

You may be competitors, but you also share a unique passion.  Take care of each other because he who helps their fellow quester will always have a lifeline when it's their turn to need help.  For help, you can post in the Forum, in the post feed, or in a DM.  

4. Rule of 1

Xtreme Quest limits 1 clue ball per family per event.  This is defined as any prize where a clue ball is hidden in place of the prize.  

POST PICTURES - If you find a clue ball, take a picture and add it to the post.  Others will want to know where you found it as well as join in celebrating your win.

5. Is It Found?  *** DON'T ASK***

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt - don't ask "Has it been found today?"  We will post updates regularly as well as pictures of found clue balls and prizes with the person/people who found it.

6. Bonus Prizes

We often hide bonuses like glass pebbles or painted rocks.  These are not counted as your "Rule of 1" find, but should still be limited to 1 per family. Exceptions apply to Junior Questers. 

Please share ALL of your quest finds in our FB group.  Many of these bonuses are still tracked and it keeps the energy alive and other questers motivated when we see treasures are being found.  More info available in Guides.

7. Photography Consent

By claiming a quest prize, you are authorizing Xtreme Quest to post your picture on our website and social media.  If anyone has personal reasons why their image shouldn't be shared, please contact us directly.

8. What can I post on Xtreme Quest?

We allow members to post on our group page following these rules:

a.  Must relate to Xtreme Quest or its members

b.  Negativity will not be tolerated.

For any other posts, DM us for prior consent or your post will be removed.

9. It's not tattling, it's protecting the quest...

Report ALL concerns to Chuck and Amy either through FB Messenger or email,  Names and/or pictures of the violator and the offense, i.e. pictures of damaged areas, are extremely helpful.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

All reports are reviewed and handled appropriately.

All reports remain anonymous.



In progress...

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