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Welcome to Xtreme Quest!

Where "X" doesn't always mark the spot!

Xtreme Quest is a non-profit business connecting friends & families by sending them on old fashioned treasure hunts with modern day Xtreme twists! Our goal is to get people outside, exploring places they've never been, while working together to solve puzzles and clues to a hidden treasure, all while having fun!

A Bit About Us

Always Be Questing!

Our mission is to bring friends and families together for outdoor adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest visiting places they never knew existed. Quests require critical thinking, and often collaboration to solve clues which lead to hidden clue balls. Clue balls are then exchanged for amazing prizes. 
We have been supporters of The Great Northwest Glass Quest (Stanwood & Camano Islands annual treasure hunt) since 2010.  We had more ideas than we could fit in the annual event and knew it was nearly time to take the hunt to the next level...
Established by in 2019 by Amy DeCrescenzo and Chuck Barlew, Xtreme Quest has been steadily growing and offering more quests throughout the year.  Our quests could be anywhere in North King, Snohomish, Skagit, or Island counties. It has been our pleasure to fund prizes for quests out of pocket , but we are outgrowing our existing model, so we are becoming a non-profit organization and fundraising to help fund future quests.

March 2021 saw Xtreme Quest reach 1000 members and become official! We have no intention of slowing down, and if our membership continues to increase, so will the frequency of quests and # of prizes. We can't wait to see what's around the next corner for Xtreme Quest and are thankful for every quester who has loyally followed us as well as every new face that joins the hunt!

G.N.W.G.Q. 2021 Youngest questor

Chuck & Amy of Xtreme Quest hiding clue balls for the Annual NorthWest Glass Quest with their Junior Questor, Ryker, born January 2021.

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