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The Great Northwest Glass Quest 2022

Welcome to the GNWGQ 2022! Xtreme Quests are below.  Each box represents 1 float. During the quest, we try to update the site several times daily and will edit our post as soon as we know a clue ball has been located.  If you have questions, comments, or just want to leave us a message, you can email us at, or message us from our Facebook Group page.

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*An Ode to Friendship

images (1).png
images (2).png

What's that you say?

A sneaky trick you pulled today?

To help some friends along the way, we cleverly

worked together designing the key.

When both sides connect, the path is clear

To claim a prize you've dreamt of all year.

Solve my riddle and to start the next leg

Or jump right there by finding my Easter Egg.

If you work together, just like me,

You may take home the "V" for victory!

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* This is a bonus for our questors.  It is a joint clue with another participating business, but you will have to follow the cookie crumbs to figure out who.  Once you figure out this leg, follow the directions, and you will be rewarded with an email tomorrow morning with any previous clues and will be included on any future clues that may be added. As always with Xtreme, any balls that aren't found during the quest will remain in play until found, and the rules of the quest, including the rule of 1 per questor, remain in effect for all 2022 limited balls, regardless of when they are found.
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